Interview: EROTICIDE! (by Sandra)


I have never interviewed a band quite like Eroticide before.  This charismatic and compelling band’s members are Delk Vader – vocals, Meth(ane)- Bass, AMP Fear – Guitar and Kevorkian on drums.   From the very beginning when Jason Weddle told me I had the opportunity to interview this notorious band, I was filled with excitement.  Eroticide is legendary for their stage shows which include naked females being sliced on stage and nuns beheaded with a chainsaw.  The band wears leather-spiked costumes, and front man Delk Vader wears a large, black strap-on penis that showers the audience with blood and semen.  During their set, half naked nuns toss semen- filled condoms out to the audience who can’t seem to get enough of their stage theatrics.  In 2005 the band was smacked with multiple obscenity charges by the City Of Mesa.  Their studio was even raided and the erotic items were confiscated by police.

Eroticide is definitely a unique and extreme metal band. They are always pushing the envelope with their controversial lyrics and stage performances.  This is a band that is not afraid to take risks and is fearless when it comes to saying uncomfortable things.  Their songs are intense and always contain a little twist that keeps the listener awake.  Their heavy music makes you want to mosh with Lucifer in the pale moon light.  Delk Vadors vocals are highly aggressive and packed with utter hatred, yet still have a raw sexuality to them.   Eroticide’s charisma, aggression and elaborate stage dynamics will have you ravenous for more.


Eroticide’s show at Joe’s Grotto Saturday November 23rd included Chemical Clownz, Altered Silence, and Pelvic Meatloaf.  It was an amazing, all-star line up!  Every band brought something different to the stage.  With today’s musical world filled with synthetic happiness there isn’t much room in mainstream music for people who prefer the dark sounds of heavy metal.  Eroticide recognizes that metal is known for the diehard fans and that is exactly who attends their shows.  Their elaborate stage performance attracts fans from all walks of life and backgrounds.  I had the opportunity to sit down with this unique band and shoot the breeze about who they would sacrifice on stage as well as their thoughts on the critic.


Since this is your first interview with, I want to start at the beginning. I have read in your biography that Eroticide slithered out from Satan’s cunt in 1993. Can you tell me something about the early years, who was the founding member of the band?

Delk Vader:  That would be me.  First off this is my original guitar player (Delk Vader points to AmpFear).  He was there from there very fucking beginning which was like 1991.  We originally had no bass player but then Meth(ane) jumped in there.

Meth(ane): For the record, we are a brand new band and just started just this year, just this month.  We are just graduating high school.

(Laughter from everyone)

Yeah, we have been around for some decades and it has graduated to what it is now and with the addition of Kevorkian on drums as of recently has been incredible.  We are going to be moving forward with the progress of what we are doing.

How did you come up with your stage names?

Delk Vader:  My real last name is Delk and I am a huge fucking Star Wars fan.  I love the story of Luke Skywalker and that shit.

Kevorkian:  He’s a fucking geek! But it is good.

What are some sacrifices you have made as a band to get to where you are today?

Delk Vader:   Going to jail!  Obscene performances in front of minors was a sacrifice that actually delayed everything for quite some time.

Meth(ane):  Yeah but you know on an ongoing basis it is a lot of work and a lot of effort that goes into this to pull this off and it is just a lot of hard work but it pays off when you play a show like this.  This doesn’t just happen because you want it to.

AMP Fear: It’s not easy being this pretty!



Going over the whole of your music career is there anything you would change?

Kevorkian: Well for me, I wouldn’t have taken 15 years off from drumming like I did from 1991-2006 but I am glad I came back and I am glad I hooked up with these guys for sure.

AMP Fear:  I am glad we found you.  Not many people dress up.  Who else would dress like this and play drums.

Kevorkian:  This is what I normally look like.  The only difference for you guys is that I play drums, other nights I look like this normally.

Delk Vader how did you discover you can do harsh vocals? Was it something you just discovered in the shower one day?

Delk Vader:  Honestly I was a party once, back in the cocaine days and they had some Dark Angel on and I was doing vocals and I had a friend next to me who was there also on coke said hey man you should start a band and that was pretty much it.  I took his place for about three days before I got kicked out because at the time all I wanted to sing about was Satan but that changed.

In my opinion theatrical metal isn’t given enough credit for their lyrical content. Fill me in on the lyrical themes of your music and how important are the lyrics to your band?

Eroticide:  VERY important!

Delk Vader:  Every song has a meaning behind it.

Meth(ane): Every song has a reference going to the end.

AMP Fear: They can’t understand them!

Kevorkian:  If you do understand them, you would know that the songs have a lot of meaning to me, especially as a new guy.  I had to learn all of these songs to be able to come in and play and as I got to know them better I was like, THESE ARE MY BRO’S!  Because it is really dark, it is really out there but if you are down with it, it is also deep.

Are there any of your tracks that you have never played live that you would like to?

Meth(ane):  Exit to Lightening.

AMP Fear: It’s about anal sex! Ask Kevorkian.

Kevorkian:  They have played it before live but not with me.

Delk Vader:  I don’t think there has been one song that we haven’t played.

I love HOT SLICED NUNS, tell me a little bit about your stage theatrics and in terms of your stage show, is there such thing as too much blood?

Eroticide:  No!

AMP Fear:  It depends on what time of the month it is. (laughter)

Kevorkian:  I don’t think there is such thing as too much blood, just ask the people at the front of the stage.

Delk Vader:  We aren’t  like GWAR or anything like that but it is definitely fun.

I’m assuming there are some pretty diverse tastes within the band. What’s everyone listening to these days?

Meth(ane):   The new Carcass album!

Everyone:  Yeah! Fucking bad ass!

Delk Vader:  I listened to Flotsom and Jetsom the last couple of days.

Kevorkian:  I listen to old school hardcore.

AMP Fear:  This mother fucker LOVES Motley Crue! Nikki Sixx!

Kevorkian: We listen to a lot of different things from old school to new, from hardcore to death metal.  Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus.

What are Eroticide’s thoughts on the critic? Do you ever read reviews of your music, and do you take them with credibility?

Meth(ane):  People are always going to talk shit, especially other bands but we won’t name anyone right now.

Kevorkian: Everyone has an opinion but it doesn’t really bother me.  We do what we do and if they don’t like it then so what, don’t come to the next show.

AMP Fear:  We have got the best fans.

Do you guys have a bucket list for what you want to do with Eroticide in the future?

Delk Vader:  We have a plan after this.  This will be our last show for quite some time.  We are going back to the studio, we recorded some songs quite some time ago that we are going to finish two of those and move on to music videos.  We are definitely going to put some cash into our music.  When those are done, then we are going to do this again.

Kevorkian: The video footage we got from the Project Independent show was awesome so that is going to be a part of our video.  It is really good stuff.

Meth(ane): Don’t forget to vote for us starting December 1st.

What would you like to say to the readers of DeathWeddle?

Kevorkian:  Unfortunately I know the readers of DeathWeddle and I have no idea what to say to those mother fuckers.

Meth(ane):  Continue to support local metal and continue to come to the shows.

Delk Vader:  Jason got me water before the show and he also let me fuck him in the ass before the show!


AMP Fear: DeathWeddle Rules!  Hey Jason pull the condom out of your ass.

Is there anyone that you guys would like to see get sacrificed on stage? Is there a dream person?


Sandra \m/

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Miss Death Weddle of the Month – Oct., Nov., and Dec 2013: RICH (by Jaffo)

With the conclusion of 2013, we at are somewhat sad to also announce the conclusion of our monthly feature, Miss Death Weddle of the Month. We decided that with such exciting and sexy ingredients as MDW in our ground-breaking local blog, we started the first year of our blog with a BANG, but it became time to move on and put this particular offering in the archives and continue to focus on music exclusively, as was originally intended from the beginning. However, we will always be proud of each and every Miss Death Weddle we’ve presented, and thank each of them for being a part of our passion for our scene and the launch of our blog. WE RULE!

Now, it would not have been right to send off one of our most popular features without at least finishing up the year with one more Miss Death Weddle – perhaps the most notable one yet. So in pure irreverent DW style, we would like to present the final Miss Death Weddle, appropriately covering October, November, and December of this year 2013, with a model that is most certainly large enough to cover three months in a single sitting: Rich Fourmy.

(Rich as Pelvic Meatloaf tough guy)

Click here to see Rich and Pelvic doin’ WORK. (Strong Than You video)

Rich is a well-known personality in the Phoenix scene – most notably as the front man for legendary metal band Pelvic Meatloaf. He is also the President of a local motorcycle riding club, occasional host of karaoke nights in area bars, and – as it so happens – a hell of a secret pinup model.

So, without further ado, we would like to present Rich, arguably in stark (and scantily clad) contrast to his common persona…


And, there you have it. We’d like to extend appreciation to ALL of our MDWs over the last year, and particularly very special thanks to Rich for providing his exquisite physique and photogenic prowess for our epic final MDW posting.


(All images provided with exclusive permission by Jaffo and Seven Bear Photograpy)

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CD Review: FIFTH DENSITY – Mortality In Question (by Jaffo)

1 Cover Final

Near the start of our bad-ass blog, I wrote a piece that laid praise to what I believe was one of the best, strongest, most musically interesting and brutal metal albums ever born in this Phoenix scene: Inherit The Downfall, by Fracture Point. Although a local favorite, Fracture Point has since disbanded causing pain in the black hearts of local metal fans as we lost not only one of our better local acts, but a band with major label potential that could have brought their unique brand of brutality to metal heads across the globe. But, as with all things that die, with death, life is born anew. To the delight of many a Fracture Point fan out there, three former members, being the passionate mofos they are, have been artistically active since they inherited the downfall of FP, producing no less than three fresh new projects – each also having much of the energy and uniqueness of their prior band. Drummer Dan Ammon went on to beat skins for Drop Seven, guitarist Matt Hobart is now front man for Solar Impulse, and last, but not least, Bassist Matt Bond has formed Fifth Density with his brother, drummer Jonathan Bond.

Now, this is my first CD review in a long while here on DW, and I am a wordy fuck, so bear with me as I try to make my points without trying be as complex with my writing as Fifth Density were with writing Mortality In Question. Then again… I suppose it would be appropriate for me to be thorough in this case, as long as all the illiterate dirtbags out there can handle it. That being said, those interested in the type of music I’m about to describe probably dig all things brainy and deep, so maybe we’ll all be okay. So… here goes…

Many many months ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen to shoot some promo photos for Fifth Density, and spend some time in their practice space – getting a sneak peak of what was to be delivered as their debut album. I was immediately blown away at what I’d heard, and having such a big instant boner for it, I was disappointed to learn how far out the projected release date was. <sniff>

My favorite image from my shoot with Fifth Density

But there is no question why it took them so long. It’s not simple, easy stuff to construct or perfect. I remember sitting on a small stool in a corner, just caught up in the killer music I was witnessing, and noting the decor in the practice space. On the walls were dry/erase boards with the songs outlined as lists of riffs and sections, each riff or section named after an influential band that they somewhat sounded like. It was funny to me, but looking back on it now, its an easy way to note Fifth Density’s varied influences. For example, one riff was named “Tool”, another “Katatonia”, another was “Porcupine Tree”. Others were named “Dream Theater”, “Karnivool”, and “Gojira”. The band’s song “Blinding White Light” was even named “katakarnajiractatheater” for a quite some time, and when you listen to it, you can tell why. In addition to the musical ambition going on, it’s also a concept album. Not a bad mix of influences at all, especially if Fifth Density can actually deliver. And guess what – they do.

Months again before its 10/7/2013 digital release, I was given a mastered digital copy of Mortality In Question to listen to while I was on a long, gypsy-type adventure, traveling through Costa Rica for a month, then Florida for another month, of course with the promise that I’d give a thorough review upon my return. The album ended up being what I listened to 95% of the time in my little bedroom at various hostels during violent rainstorms in the jungle, on long shitty bus rides through Costa Rica, on long flights and layovers, and even during the five hour car ride after my girlfriend (now fiance’) picked me up in Miami. The latter is also notable for one big reason: she is not a metal fan and doesn’t particularly care for heavy music, other than stuff more along the lines of Deftones. Having said that, she continued playing the album anyway for her own listening enjoyment, while I was blissfully unaware in the seat next to her, sleeping off that long flight.

So, it’s fair to point out that much like a few of the bands that influence them, Fifth Density’s debut offering is quite listener-friendly in a trans-genre way. Oh, it’s thick with  brutality, heavy riffs, some complex and complimentary key arrangements, amazing, articulate rhythm work by the Bond brothers, massive vocal dexterity and range from Justin Poff (formerly of Dresden) as he rolls between melodic clean vocals and deathly roars like a boss. There are deeply textured melodic breaks that travel around for a bit, before the next hard-ass section slams in and grabs you again. The music pumps pummels and undulates like that of the best of bands from Tool to Dream Theater, and the collective product of so many different musical stylings yet sounds complete and suspenseful. It’s progressive and smart, and still catchy and palatable to listeners with a variety of tastes – due in no small part to Poff’s vocal work and memorable hooks. It is a musical accomplishment that is rare in any scene, that mixes art with attitude, passion with power, intellect with anger, and beauty with brutality, and pop sensibility with smarter-than-average anything-but-pop music.  And, as mentioned above, Mortality In Question is also an ambitious concept album, and will certainly raise the bar in the little prog metal niche that has been developing here in AZ. I honestly contend that Fifth Density are likely to become one of our best loved, respected, and well-known acts in years.

Before I go any further, let me more formally introduce the members of Fifth Density to all of you: I mentioned the brothers Bond already, Matt and Jon (bass and drums respectively), and Poff (vocals), and they are rounded out by Jacob Myles (guitar), and Derek Coulter (keys)

Matt Bond, Jacob Myles, Justin Poff, Derek Coulter, and Jonathan Bond

I asked the guys to describe the concept of this concept album for us, and Poff came back with this: “A man whose wife has recently died is unable to properly grieve, and as a result experiments with hypnosis and lucid dreaming to reconnect with his her. After he has an incredibly vivid vision of himself engulfed in flames, in a small enclosed room, with voices all around him, he makes the incorrect inference that he simply must die to free his spirit from his body. An unsuccessful suicide attempt shatters his reality and he hits rock bottom. Totally humbled, he begins to ‘let her go’ as he realizes her spirit exists, even if her body doesn’t. After some soul searching he has the ultimate epiphany that all energy is connected, and cannot be destroyed. He is still connected with her wife, and his energy can leave his body.”

Deep enough for ya? If you’re going to create a concept album with thick music and a lot of variables and depth, said concept better be all of this as well. And it is.

The album consists of twelve masterfully constructed pieces of music we all like to call “songs”. I’ve been given permission to share artwork from the physical CD and cover (still yet to be released as of this writing), so I’m just going to insert the back cover art, which lists the songs:

Back of case Final(Note the credits section here at the bottom: Yes, that’s Dylan from Vivicide and Autumn’s End. Oh, and Seven Bear Photography = me.)

As expected, the song titles follow the described concept quite well.

The album opens with “Premonition” – a short instrumental; a lucid, flowing bit of foreshadowing performed by Coulter on the keys with obvious deft and a layered skill set. Quite suddenly the pretty stuff ends, and we are launched into the previously foreshadowed punchy riffs of “The Architect”. When Poff’s voice comes in, we are then fully aware that this will be no flat-sounding, one-dimensional album. His first words on the record are delivered clean and harmonized, with fresh melodies that at first somewhat remind me of Brandon from Incubus, but with thrashy prog arrangements so active behind them…before he breaks into his trademark roar over the same complex music, which ends up sounding strangely unique to me – and I like it. A lot.

“The Architect” is a strong, ambitious, and appropriate song to start the album, and has so many parts, layers, killer guitar riffs, odd-time signatures, flowing key breaks, fast, articulate drum beats – all in one song – all with that catchy, hooky vocal performance. Awesome. Lyrically, it also lays out the beginning of the story that is Mortality In Question, and by this point we know we are in for a wild ride.

The next song, “Once A Prisoner”, blasts away from the gates after a brief solitary guitar riff, with the band joining in and pounding away and that same heavy riff, with Poff screaming, “CRUSH THE DOUBT INSIDE/IT’S A SLOWING DOWN YOUR MIND!” – which, of course, is bad ass. It leads into some more cleans, articulate movements, and impressive performances by all, still somehow staying well in the realm of that pop-sensible format – or at least palatable for a large, variable audience. The lyrics further describe the struggle of our ‘hero’ as his fears and bewilderment set in, and he begins to lose himself… as do we into the depths of what Fifth Density are taking us into.

And each song similarly takes us on that ride, telling the story, delighting our brains, ears, mind, and belief in the power of proficiently composed and meticulously planned and executed metal. And have no doubt – this is a METAL album. It is largely guitar-driven with monster riffs and power, undulating, crushing, with lots of fun instrumental breaks giving everyone in the band some time to shine and further tell the story in their own way. Myles’ guitar tone is thick and rich, diverse and dynamic, complimented perfectly by the well-known tone and dynamics of Bond’s bass playing. Jon is a fantastic drummer, delivering every bit the proficiency and skill needed to propel this material, and he’s easily one of the best drummers we have in AZ. And have no fear, fellow extreme metalheads – the presence of Coulter’s layered keyboard work does nothing to soften this full on metal record.

Following “Once A Prisoner”, we get the previous teaser-released song “Metagenesis”, “Behold The Matriarch”, “Faith In Freefall”, and the rest, each pounding away further into the concept and taking us on that wild but controlled ride that is Mortality In Question. I will not go into any more detail on the songs or the lyrical content, as I think it is more important for every listener to experience this journey themselves as it has been intended to be delivered. The production and engineering by Cory Spotts at Bluelight Audio Media is top-notch and major label quality. Morality In Question would be an EXTREMELY strong album from any band, new or old, which makes it a very impressive debut indeed.

Listen to four of the songs from the album HERE.

I strongly recommend you buy Mortality In Question, and go see Fifth Density live if you can. The digital release album is available for sale NOW on itunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon mp3. The official live debut show takes place at Joe’s Grotto on November 9th, 2013, with support from the likes of the other Fracture Point alumni projects Drop Seven and Solar Impulse, in addition to AZ heavyweights Vivicide and Animus Complex. It’s a hell of a lineup celebrating the release of a hell of an album from a hell of a great new band. For those who like their metal smart and brutal, you won’t want to miss that show. Also, watch for the upcoming release and availability of the hard copy Mortality In Question CD. The cover and inside page artwork is killer and extensive, and includes more artwork design by Dylan Troxel.

Thanks again to my buddies in the band for sneaking me an advanced copy of the album to listen to on my adventures over the past couple months. Their Fifth Density adventure is no closer to an end than my own, and I am excited to continue keeping track of FD and hearing future releases. This is going to be an amazing ride!!!


(Special thanks to Kash Christopher for a much-needed proofreading session after the writing of this review. Yes, even the official editor and proofreading member of DW needs a little help sometimes. SOMETIMES.)

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Well Creeps, the time is almost upon us for the long-awaited and highly anticipated release of Pelvic Meatloaf‘s new album Stronger Than You. The last time Pelvic released an album was November of 1999 for The Third Power, so needless to say it has been awhile. The official release date and cd release show for Stronger Than You is October 5th 2013 at Club Red in Tempe Arizona. Supporting bands for this monumental release are Zombie Surf Sluts, Inner Chaos, Vivicide, Killing Spree, Virulent and Sicmonic! Look for a live show review of this event sometime next month right here at!


(And also note the call for peeps to join Pelvic for a video shoot Saturday, Sept 21st 2013!)

The Pelvic Meatloaf 2013 consists of founding member Rich Fourmy on vocals, guitarist Byron Filson – who has pretty much been in Pelvic since it’s inception, long time skins master John Ogle on drums – recently returning to Pelvic after about a 14 year hiatus, bass hog Kelly Moore, and finally after not being in a band since the late 90’s, Dejan “Dan” Knezevic (formally of Core) makes his return on guitar to round out the ranks of Pelvic.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the album, shall we?

Stronger Than You has been in production for quite a while now. I personally have been chomping at the bit for years in anticipation of this album. The only time I was ever able to hear the new songs was when they played them live. I am such a huge Pelvic fan that I probably have only missed two shows in the last four years (four years ago is when I returned to the local Phoenix music scene). In fact, when I didn’t show up to one show, the next day some members of Pelvic told me jokingly that they thought I was dead. Even though I’ve seen them live more than any other band in my near 20 years of going to concerts hearing those songs live wasn’t enough until now…

On September 12th 2013, I was given my review copy of Stronger Than You. I’m pretty sure that some members in the band hadn’t even been given a copy yet, and I know for a fact that I am the only one outside of the band to have a copy. I was given a burned cd that had “P.M. 9/12″ written in small black letters. I feel honored to have been given this album in advance and to be the very first person to review and write about it. I have been a diehard Pelvic Meatloaf fan since my dad gave me my very first Pelvic cd (and first local cd), The Key in 1996. So needless to say my review copy will have a special spot in my collection. It is now September 18th, I have probably listened to this album 30 times since I’ve gotten it. I think I’m ready to review it.

I’ve thought of a few different ways to approach the review of this cd. I’ve decided that I’m going to review it in the same way the album itself was written: straight-forward and to the point. The current state of heavy metal seems to me to be full of the progressive, obscure song writing, “watch how complicated I can make this riff…”, and my favorite: the “let’s get a hot chick to front our band so we can get more attention and have her scream like a dude” nonsense. As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of that stuff. However some of it is okay. To each their own. This cd is none of that, and I’m oh so glad.

Stronger Than You is an in-your-face, punch-you-in-the-mouth album that literally makes you want to beat the shit out of some scumbag fuck that deserves a beating, and it’s so devastatingly brutal that I caught myself daydreaming about viciously attacking a mother walking her baby in a stroller across the street while I was at a stop light. So, I guess what I’m saying is that nobody is safe while this album is playing.

There are pretty much two lyrical concepts to this album: the 1st half is pretty much about inflicting pain and suffering, manipulation and being stronger than.

The album kicks off with the first track “Sink”, which was written about a man being a complete dick to women, manipulating them into sinking to a new low by doing things sexually and immorally. This is the kind of track you want opening an album of this magnitude. It sets the pace of what is to come.

Track number 2 might very well be my favorite track on the album. It is the heaviest and most brutal for sure. “SkullCrusher” is about laying a beat down on somebody – kicking the absolute shit out of a motherfucker. One of my favorite lyrics of the song are “Come play with me motherfucker, you wanna get some of this? I’ll introduce you to the pavement by the way of my fist.” There is some cool sampling in this song, and I also make a guest appearance doing gang vocals, which of course was very exciting for me.

Click here to listen to SkullCrusher!

“Punishment” is the next track from Stronger Than You. It is actually a song that was originally released on The Third Power in 1999. So, needless to say, I am very familiar with this song. The production is obviously a lot better than the original, and the vocals and instruments are also a lot clearer. “Punishment” is actually one of my favorite tracks from The Third Power. I’m glad the samples from The Shining are still used in the intro and outro of the track. I still love hearing Jack Nicholson scream with insanity, “I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m just gonna bash your brains in! I’m gonna bash them right the fuck in!”. Then you hear Shelly Duvall cry and the music starts. Not many other words describe it well enough, so I’ll just use my mainstay: Brutal!

Track number 4 is title track Stronger Than You. This song is basically about being stronger than everybody (go figure right?). I’ve gotta say, I love this song. The breakdown is massive! I’d have to say that this just might be my second favorite track on the album. STRONGER!!!

“Make You Suffer” is the next track to bludgeon us. This is another song that is pretty much straight-forward in it’s lyrics. “I’m gonna make you suffer the way you make me suffer”. It also talks about not resisting and staring a revolution while revolting. I also had the privilege to do guest gang vocals on this song as well.

I got goosebumps the first time I listened to track number 6 while I was driving around in my car after picking up the disc. “Walk The Walk” is pretty much about all of the fake-pussy motherfuckers that walk around the Phoenix music scene and think they are rock stars, when in reality most of them and their bands absolutely suck. This song hit on a personal level for me because I live in the Phoenix music scene, and I certainly can think of a few bands and musicians that this song applies too. Guest vocals on “Walk” were provided by the one and only Danny Marianino (formally of 187/All Time Low, Cause For Alarm and the North Side Kings). Just in case you didn’t know, Danny is the infamous gangsta that knocked out Glenn Danzig with one punch. I also got to do guest gang vocals on this song. I can’t wait until all of my dad’s Danzig-loving friends hear about this and hear this song! It is an absolute honor to be on a song with Danny!

Now before whe get to the second half of the album I want to give my friend Danny Marianino a shamless plug. Danny just recently released a book called Don’t Ever Punch A Rockstar: A Collection Of Hate Mail & Other Crazy Rumors (also featured HERE on DW). It’s a great book so go buy it!

And now back to Stronger Than You!

This 2nd half of the album deals with topics like regret, redemption and taking a good look in the mirror and coming out on top. Track number 7 is entitled “This Time”, and is the very first song that Pelvic wrote when they reunited after Rich had gotten released from his lengthy prison term. He was released on March 27th 2007. This song basically talks about the thoughts going on inside his head while he was serving his time, and how he will come out on top when he get’s his second chance. I love the riffs and the groove to this song.

(Click here to hear This Time)

“Denial” is the 8th track on the album. This song basically has Rich taking a look at himself and who he has become and not liking where he’s at in life. I can totally relate to the lyrics to this song, as I’ve been there many times in my life. There is even a melodic section in the song with guest cellist Adam Rebeske of Vex.

Track number 9 is called “Scars”, and is also one of my favorites on the album. This song is about redemption and always moving forward. Some of my favorite lyrics from this song are, “I wear these scars tattooed upon my skin, with pride I carry it, remind me where I’ve been, this time around I win”. I love the brutal riffs that are still amazingly groove oriented. Adam Rebeske also does some cello work on this track, and I was happy to do gang vocals once again.

“Full Circle” is the 10th track on the disc. It is about coming full circle as a man, again redemption, and not giving up. “I’ve come a long way from where I was, full circle! And I’m nothing like what I’ve been – full circle!” This is yet another song that I can relate to on a personal level.

The closing track to Stronger Than You is a bit of an unexpected one. Track 11 is one man and his guitar doing an acoustical interpretation of Iron Maiden’s Number Of The Beast. I just want to say that I think this is an amazing rendition! Dejan recorded this on his own some time ago based on his new found love of old school outlaw country music – the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe. He decided to let the guys hear it, and it became the closer on the new album. When I listen to this song I can picture somebody being hacked up in some slasher horror film, or even in an intimate killing scene in Sons Of Anarchy. Great gritty and emotional performance by Dejan Knezevic!


To recap, listeners should expect to hear lots of tight guitar and drum rhythms with some very brutal blasts at times, and very groove-laden breakdowns complete with heavy bass drops. There is also a well done mixture of some sequencing, melodic sound-scaping, and samples that give the album a little bit more flavor – but aren’t over dominating. All in all, I’m going on record to say that this is my new all-time favorite album from an Arizona-based band. I absolutely love everything about it! Really, the easiest way I can describe this album is to call it “groove metal”. It has hardcore breakdowns with very brutal blasting metal. I wouldn’t call it “metalcore”, because when I think of that I think of bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, and Shadows Fall. Stronger Than You is more along the lines of say Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, and Full Blown Chaos. In fact Hatebreed hasn’t put out an album as good as this one in over 10 years. Be prepared for complete devastation when you listen to this album. Your neck is sure to break from these massively heavy and catchy songs.

Now for some credits that I didn’t mention yet-

My partners in gang vocal crime are D.L. Christie of Vex, Alan Rogers of 69 Sins, Eric Saiki, Shawn Branby and Rich’s kid’s Torren Taylor, Savaughn Greene and Bobby Greene.

Stronger Than You was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Byron Filson (featured on DW) at Villain Recording. Byron did an amazing job producing this album. The sound is unbelievable and punches you right between the eyes and hits incredibly hard! Well done Lord Byron!!!


I really appreciate my favorite Arizona-based band of all time for letting me have such a hands-on experience with their new album. Being a guest on it, being one of the first people to hear it, and being the first to review it. I can’t tell you guys enough how much this has meant to me. I love my brothers in Pelvic Meatloaf!

I am humbled and I am Death Weddle \,,/

(as always, edited, formatted, and prepared for posting by Jaffo, dammit)

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Special request from Rich Fourmy of PELVIC MEATLOAF: Video Shoot!

PM Vid Shoot


We are shooting a video for the title track of our new album, called “Stronger Than You”. Its a big empty lot we are filming in, so try to carpool with friends if you can. Bring something to sit on, & a cooler if you want shit to eat or drink while we are there. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON PREMESIS, so be sneaky if you must. We will be shooting at 6pm, and should be done by 9:30 or 10. Everyone is welcome to party with the band after the shoot. Please do NOT wear band shirts… its not supposed to look like a concert with fans… Its supposed to look like a street riot. Dress how you wish, or in your work clothes. We need at least 60 people, so please bring friends. 18 years old and up please.

3501 NW Grand Ave Phoenix, AZ 85019
(West side of Grand ave under the Indian School bridge.)

RICH \m/

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Interview: HEMLOCKING by Sandra and Death Weddle!!!

I have interviewed a lot of bands but Hemlock by far was one of the most fun and entertaining bands I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing.  Jason Weddle and I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Chad Smith (Vocals/Bass), Jezy Ward (Guitar), James Gelber (Guitar), and Brian Smith (Drums) at Asylum Records before their show at Club Red. This was a wet dream for Jason since he undoubtedly has a man crush on the band.  He even asked to be Eifel towered by Chad and Brian before we sat down on Asylum Records infamous blue couch. When Jason told me that Hemlock was coming to town and agreed to be interviewed by us I was more than excited because I have loved this band since the first time I saw them play with N17 many years ago. The entire interview was non-stop laughter and I only wish I would have done a video interview so that I could capture the true essence of the band.


Since 1993 Hemlock has been making a name for themselves in the metal scene undoubtedly reining as kings of self promotion.  Hemlock has toured all across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan with heavy hitters such as Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Ministry, Meshuggah, and many other metal greats.  Las Vegas born Hemlock slowly began building up a loyal fan-base and now celebrates 20 years in the business! Most of the members have been together since they were teenagers.  Although a few things may have changed since their inception, their dedication and legendary ability to captivate a crowd has only gotten stronger.  Their music is always evolving, in fact my favorite quote from the interview was when Chad said “We take everything we love and put it in a blender, write it and scream on top of it to make it good.” A Hemlock show is like an energy drink to the nuts.  Each and every member prides themselves on giving their fans a personal experience. Their crowd generates an energetic frenzy like I have never seen and their mosh pits create enough gravitational force to renovate your face. Their show at Club Red was no exception. Hemlock consistently brings raw energy and crowd appeal to the stage night after night. I love the fact that crowd participation is strongly encouraged and by the end of the night every person in that room can say they were a part of an amazing Hemlock show.  Chad knows how to command a crowd and seeing Hemlock on stage, you know that they were born to be musicians.  Their music makes you feel awake, alive and brings euphoria to your core. Hemlock is definitely one of the hardest working bands in the industry and their hard work is evident.  They are not sitting and waiting for a hand out from the music industry and they are in the music business because it is their passion, not for a paycheck. Hemlock is straight up balls-out metal and if you haven’t seen one of their shows you are missing out.

Sandra:  How did you guys come up with the name Hemlock and what does it mean to your band?

Brian:  It means handsome dudes.

Jason Weddle:  It’s a plant right?

Brian:  It is a poisonous plant.  We have had the name for years.  It just sounded like a good rock and roll, heavy metal band name that we just kicked around forever.

Jason Weddle:  It is poison like their wieners! (Laughter)

Chad:  When we were kids it was a good name that you could tell when you hear it that it is a rock/metal type of band.  It is easy to remember.  Some of these bands nowadays name their band things that are like three sentences long.  Hemlock is just an easy name to remember and you can tell it is a rock or metal band when you hear it.  The fact that it was a poison just made it that much cooler.

Brian:  Yeah, the name Poison was already taken!

(Laughter from the entire room)

Chad:  I was like 14 or 15 years old and we just thought it sounded like a cool name.  It is actually the poison that Socrates was forced to kill himself with because he was too radical of a thinker.  We had heard more stories along the years but back to the original statement, it means handsome dudes in a band with poisonous wieners.

Sandra:  So you guys have recorded a lot of albums, how do you feel your music has changed from album to album?

Jason Weddle:  Because it has!!

Chad:  We keep trying to always push forward and honestly, in just the length of our career in the last twenty years, not only us, but recording equipment, studio-wise, so many people can make awesome albums on their own now with computers, programs and all that stuff.  When we first started we were lucky if we could go get like an 8 track recording on to a cassette or something.  It is all just evolution and we keep trying to push forward.  Songwriting-wise we have opened up and gotten a lot more styles mixed in just because you don’t want to rehash the same album over and over again so we added a little bit of punk rock, a little bit of thrash, a little more melodic, a little more death metal, a little more of everything.  It is all in the Hemlock genre.  We take everything we love and put it in a blender, write it and scream on top of it to make it good.  We are always moving forward.

Brian:  That and we grow as musicians and people, different influences, not even just musically but with life and everything.  We definitely want to grow and progress as songwriters/musicians.  We don’t want every album to sound the same and we definitely try to grow and push things in all directions.

Jason Weddle:  So you guys don’t have that whole Hatebreed philosophy where one sound works so we are just going to work with that?

Brian:  I actually love Hatebreed and AC/DC is the ultimate test to that.  (Laughter)  If you can do that and sell ten billion albums more power to you.  Those mother fuckers might as well name it AC/DC mart because they took over Wal-Mart until Duck Dynasty, now they take over Wal-Mart.

Chad:  First it was SpongeBob, then it was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson and it was AC/DC and Kiss for a moment and now it is Duck Dynasty which is cool because they are men with beards and we love men with beards.  AC/DC is one of Brian’s favorite bands but there is definitely not a ton of variety between the songs but they are good and they have out sold everyone we can name combined

Brian:  Miley Cyrus had a run.

Chad:  We love chicks with beards too.  We are from Vegas. (Laughter)

Sandra:  You guys have so many songs to choose from, how do you pick what you are going to play for your set list?

Chad:  It is HARD! (hahahaha) You guys said that one of you guys was going to get naked by the end of the interview.

SandraThat was Jason!

Jason Weddle:  I will if you play pigeon holed!

Chad:  That is actually on the list for our tour next year.  Next year is our ten year anniversary of our album Bleed The Dream.

Jason Weddle:  THAT song wasn’t on that album!

Chad:  I am getting to that…I appreciate that you know our albums that well.  It makes me proud that you know.  I know you also hit me up for the Clunkinator and that is fucken awesome.  We want to do Bleed The Dream in its entirety next year and get some red vinyl.   We are thinking about doing four or five songs we haven’t played live in years.  We are doing a couple of the classics and then doing Bleed the Dream in its entirety.  Pigeon Holed is on the list.

Jason Weddle:  For the record and this is just my opinion as a fan, I know you have re-done all three songs off Clunkinator, but Clunkinator is still the best version of all three.  Absolutely raw. 

Chad:  Rick, the guitar player for Exodus produced it for us in Hollywood.  We were young and we just wanted to put out something good.  It was the next step quality-wise of what we had done in the past so we always try to keep out-doing ourselves.

Jason Weddle:  You signed my Clunkinator CD and you signed it to Jasonator. 

James:  I am the newer guy so when I was learning the songs they sent me about 20 songs to learn in like a month.  They were like hey, you are going to play guitar!

Chad:  We said either wind chime or guitar and he picked guitar!

Brian:  He occasionally plays the skin flute.

James:  We have a master set list that we kind of stick to.

Chad:  We are always trying to mix it up a little bit but still, I don’t know if you can do a Hemlock show if you don’t play Nobody Knows What a Killer Looks Like.  We have to try to stick to the classics but then we do have so many that we have even done it a few times where we will take three or four and cut them in half and mush them into a song orgy/compilation.  Now we are talking about working on a new album next year so that will just add to the chaos of it all.

Brian:  We just recorded a live album in Vegas along with a DVD that we are going to release soon.  Hopefully by Halloween, if not, by Thanksgiving.  When we wrote the set list for that we purposely went back and touched random songs throughout our whole career.  In a way it is kind of like, well I don’t want to use greatest hits but we consciously made the effort to put some heavy hitters that we knew we had to get on the album.

Sandra:  Since you guys tour a lot, I want to know what is the longest amount of time you have worn the same pair of underwear?

Chad, Brian, Jezy, James and Jason Weddle: (Laughter)

Brian and Chad: Jezy gets that one!

Jezy:  I am going to say….

Chad:  Dude, you don’t want to admit that to the world!

Jezy: (Laughter) I think my record might be 12 days!

The entire room broke out in laughter at this point!

Sandra:  12 days!  Did you at least try to turn them inside out?

Jezy:  No.

Chad:  Luckily he is not that smelly.  All of us can be and when you tour in cold weather you can go longer.

Jezy:  It is actually somewhere between 12 and 15 days.

Sandra:  You get a trophy for that.

Chad:  Then he sold them on Craigslist and they went for a ton of money. Naw, he didn’t sell them.

Brian:  I would like to go on record saying that oddly enough, I am probably the cleanest one of the band.  I try to shower and keep clean.  I try to maintain.

Sandra:  Are there any sacrifices you have made individually to be in this band?

Brian:  Yes, we make sacrifices daily.  We have loved ones all over the place and James sacrificed a virgin.

James:  I went from being a fan to being in the band.  I had known the guys for about ten years and when they gave me the opportunity to come and play with them I got rid of basically everything.  I got rid of a lot of stuff, my bed, and half my clothes.

Brian:  His bed was worn out from all the big bitches he had slept with and shit stains were all over.

Chad:  Honestly we do what we love to do but there is a sacrifice where you can’t have a normal life when you tour as much as we tour.  You can’t have a dog, you can’t have a goat, it’s hard to have kids, it’s hard to have a family, and it is hard to have money in your bank account.  It is hard to stay clean and not change your underwear every 12 days but it seriously is a lot of simple things like having your own space that you miss.  You go home, you take a shower, you can eat when you want, and you can sleep when you want but when you are on tour it is like you have a method to the madness and you just have to move through and keep going and going.  The adventure takes over and you wake up and say hmm, I don’t even know what town I am in, what day it is, what is going on but I know we are going to rock tonight and it is going to be fun.  It is just a different adventure every day.  As far as sacrifice goes we could make more money if we did something else BUT we do what we love to do so we have hearts of gold and boners of cum!

Brian:  Honestly doing it for as long as we have, we have met so many cool people.  We have so many good friends all over the place.  Even tonight, we have had several dudes say hey dude I am going to bring you a bottle of Jager and I was like fuck yeah!

Chad:  Yeah, Jason we wouldn’t have met you when you were sixteen, seventeen or whatever.

Brian:  He was eighteen for the record.

Chad, Brian, Jezy, James, Sandra and Jason: LAUGHTER

Jason Weddle:  It was consensual!

Chad:  So many people we would have never seen, or met, or done if it wasn’t for the band.

Sandra:  What is the craziest thing that one of your fans has ever said to you guys?

Brian:  We could get emotional or we could get foul as fuck!

Sandra: Do both!!!

Brian:  Emotional there have been a few.  Chad has gotten a few heartfelt letters and a dude that came up to us in California that showed us his Hemlock tattoo.  He told us our song Weak Man Suicide saved him.  The song kept him from killing himself and it was a positive song for him.

Chad:  He said he listened to Hemlock over and over again and that it literally saved his life.  He showed us his Hemlock tattoo and we were like holy shit!

Brian:  He said he got a new job, a new girlfriend and he was so glad that he didn’t do it.  Shit like that is really powerful.

Chad:  We always try to write positive lyrics and write where there is something behind it instead of writing a song just to write a song.  We try to write lyrics that mean something.  For someone to dive into it that hard where it actually saved his life physically or to give them a whole different optimistic outlook on it or whatever, it is really cool when the music means that much to them.  It is really cool when people get the Hemlock tattoo because it is not just like wearing a shirt.  There are so many people out there who have it and that of course is for life.  Unless their arm gets cut off or they get it covered up.  We have met a lot of friends who are lifers for real.  They are supportive and believe in us and that makes it worth every bit.

Sandra:  How would you guys describe your set to a Hemlock newbie?

Brian: Fun! Erotica!

Jezy:  Good cardio and sexy!

Chad:  High energy, fun, sweaty, rock and roll.  We are trying to bring sexy back.  It is loud and positive.  We try to take a different approach because there are so many metal bands that come out and say oooh I am going to melt your face, rah rah rah!  They are good or whatever but we are trying to take a different approach.  We try to bring a party vibe and we want to make sure that everyone goes home that night with a smile and that they had fun with Hemlock.  Pantera was always that way too, where if you were in the back or whatever that they wanted everyone to feel like a part of something.  To be there to party, hang out with your friends.  We are trying to go for the positive approach for sure.

Sandra:  What do you guys think of Jason Weddle and what he does for the scene?

Chad:  He is a beautiful young man.

Brian:  He has a great shirt.  I think that nice fuzzy beard would feel good going down on every lady in this whole town.

Chad:  His shirt matches his balls.  (Jason had on a blue Hemlock shirt with Homer Simpson on it)  We have known Jason for a long time and he is a good friend, good dude.  We are excited with the things he is doing.  He hit us up about hanging out and doing an interview and taking some pictures.  We have been looking forward to it but the truth is we all have man crushes on each other.  We are going to braid our bears together.

Brian:  Then we can jerk off!

Jason Weddle: Since you guys started the band back in the day, Chad you are the only consistent member of the band.  Brian you were off for a few years doing your own thing or whatever…..

Chad:  Brian passed away for a while.  I brought him back with a resurrection.  I used the Necronomicon, even though he is my brother, I sucked him back to life.

Brian:  We used to take baths together and I used to write Ginger on his back.  (Laughter from the entire room)  The first boner I got when I was a little kid was from Ginger on Gilligan’s Island.  I got in the warm water of the bath and got tingly the tingle reminded me of the boner I got when I saw Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

Chad:  He really did write the word Ginger on my back with soap but he didn’t remember the story until three years ago.  For his birthday yesterday I told him that I would always be his Ginger.  I am telling you, drummers are all a little homo.  I have known some drummers to want to stick their drum stick in their ass before.  You need drummers because they get the beat, they get the women dancing and get the dudes getting boners.  You need the drummers but they are all a little bit fucked up in their own way.

Jason Weddle:  Anyways, back to my question.  I want to know that after all the lineup changes, after all the years of touring, the Hemlock bus, I am sure when Brian left it changed things but you Chad kept it going and were there ever any times that you wanted to give up?

Chad:  Oh there have been hard times, still even nowadays but in my lyrics, I just write a lot about never giving up on what you love to do.  If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it.  It is a lot of work, a lot of craziness behind the scene.

Jason Weddle:  You guys are all do it yourself right?

Chad:  The record industry keeps getting worse every month.  We have never done it for the industry.  We have always done it for the fans and our friends.  We just keep plowing through the bullshit and keep going forward.  I have definitely been the driving force to keep it rolling but nowadays it seems more fun, light hearted and positive than ever.  We just keep moving forward.  We are doing more shows; we are traveling, more international shows.  We connect with the fans.  We are starting to see a lot of fans that bring their kids out to shows which is weird but awesome all at the same time.  It is cool.  It has been fun.  I like to use the word adventure because there are ups and downs with anything in life but we love to play music so we keep moving forward.

IMAG1441HEMLOCK and Sandra!

Sandra:  Which country do you think has the craziest fans or the most die-hard Hemlock fans?

Brian:  Texas.

Chad:  We have the most die-hard fans in the states because we tour here the most.  Arizona and New Mexico are awesome.  We do really well in Montana.  We have different hot spots here and there and then we have some towns that we are still trying to tour in.

Brian: Country, not every city all over the god damn states Chad!  Honestly Germany.  Germany has the most appreciative fans.  They are almost in tears where they are like thank you for coming to play a show.

Chad:  Overseas they appreciate it in depth because they know that you didn’t just drive an hour to get there and that you actually took a full day to fly there and get all your stuff over there and they know they are not going to see you every month or every year.

Brian:  There are the “Hollywood” crowds that are over saturated and they are like oh you are here, whatever, I am going to drink and be too cool.  It is definitely fun to play for a crowd where everyone is getting rowdy and there for fun.

Chad:  Montana is a cool party state that is always fun.  We toured there with Slayer and Killswitch Engage.  We went back on tour there with Type-O Negative and Hatebreed.  After those shows we got really well known in Montana and not very many bands tour there.  When we go there we do six or seven shows in all the different cities.  It is always drunken, crazy fun, mosh, good time!  New York is always fun.  We went to Ireland last fall for the first time and the shows were all pub shows but we didn’t care, we just wanted to go to Ireland.  There were about two hundred people at the shows but man, those people know how to drink!  You have to write DAAARRRIIINNNKKK!  The Irish can out drink anyone.  The guys from Meshuggah can drink from like 11 am on because they are Swedish I think.

Brian:  The REAL Irish dudes can drink!

Sandra:  Brian were you in Ginger heaven?

(Laughter from everyone in the room)

Chad:  Yeah the Swedish and Irish know how to drink.  We have good friends who live in Belfast and we went there, Czech Republic was good, we did a couple of outdoor festivals there.  We went to Switzerland on Brian’s birthday last year.  This year we were in Flagstaff for his birthday and one year ago we were in Switzerland.

Sandra:  Ok boys, last question,  what would you like for the readers of to know about you?

Chad:  Jason sent me the link a few months back and I get on the internet so rarely because I book the tours, I drive the bus and stuff but I saw a big picture on the page and I started to read an article and I was like that looks like our friend Rudy from back in the day who used to jam with All Time Low and sure enough I read it and I was like man, he has been busy.

Jason Weddle:  He is the in house sound guy at Joe’s Grotto now.

Chad:  Oh really!  We played there a while back but he didn’t do our sound.  He was out on tour.  We, used to jam with All Time low, and Brik, Torso, Pelvic Meatloaf, N17, BlessedBeThyName, all of that back in the days.  We brought Rudy out to Vegas to jam with us one time and those mother fuckers rode in the back of a pickup truck.  They showed up so sun burned!  I was like Holy FUCK! Why would you ride in the back of a pickup truck in the middle of the summer!  Those guys are good dudes and I did go on and saw that article.  Jason is our boyfriend anyway.

James:  Thanks ya’ll.  Anyone who has never seen Hemlock or who never gets tired of Hemlock, please come out to one of our shows because you are missing out on a lot of energy and fun.

Jezy:  It has only been a day in my underwear.

Brian:  Yeah he is fresh as fuck.

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Dimefest Flier

Alright my minions: Saturday August 24th 2013 brought us to Joe’s Grotto for DIMEFEST 2013 presented by & Billy Gonzales. First off, I just want to thank my partner in crime, Billy Gonzales, for allowing me to be part of this years show, and Joe Grotto and staff for doing an amazing job as well. Thanks to Rudy T. Reilly for providing crushing sound for all of the bands – he worked his ass off the whole night!

Dimefest is an annual show that takes place every year in Phoenix towards the end of August, right around Dimebag Darrell’s birthday (August 20th 1966). This show involves some of Arizona’s finest metal bands and allows all of us to pay tribute to our fallen hero. This year was no exception. In addition, part of the proceeds were donated to the “Little Kids Rock” organization in the memory of Dimebag Darrell. This was one of Dime’s favorite charities, It allows children that are less fortunate to have the opportunity to discover music of all kinds. It truly is a great cause. I’m not sure where I would be today if I didn’t have music in my life. Music is very important to survival for a person like me. Thank you to everybody that came out and helped us support this amazing cause!!!

I learned very quickly that it is nearly impossible to be at an event of this magnitude and try to be a fan, a writer and also a promoter that is also responsible for running the show. So in order to make the show as successful as possible, I mainly had to focus on the coordination and “running the show” part of things – everything from checking in bands, making guest lists, making sure bands were set up and ready to play on time, and also making sure their sets ended on time. After all – there were 10 bands on this line up with 2 stages and over 400 people in attendance. Things needed to move as quickly and smoothly as possible. With just a few minor mistakes things got rolling, and by the end of the night set times were correct, starting and ending. I promised the last band that they would go on no later than a certain time, and wouldn’t you know it – they went on at that time. It was a collective effort by all the bands, Billy, Joe Grotto, Rude T. and myself to pull it off so smoothly. Thanks again my brothers!

Before I get into the actual show, I just want to say that Dimebag Darrell is my hero – my favorite musician of all time – and his spirit lives through me. If your going to attempt to play one of his songs, you had better show up and nail it!!! There were bands that did just that on this night, and there were bands that failed miserably, in my opinion. Since this is a tribute show and a charity event, I’m going to leave it at that – as far as the performances of Dime’s songs are concerned. This is not the type of review to call people or bands out, even bands that started a bunch of drama just days before this show – again, in my opinion. Now on with the show…

Kicking off the main stage was From Athens We Fled. I have never seen these guys before, so I don’t know much about them. I do like their over-all sound, and thought the were very energetic and had really good stage presence. They played “Domination” from Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell album. They were also kind enough to give me a couple of their cd’s to check out and listen to.

Skullcap was next to initiate the activity on the patio stage. Their sound is a slow tempo, gritty, groove-laden sound, which I really enjoy. They have songs that will make you head bang for sure. I’ve seen Skullcap a few times and I like their songs and performances. They played “Mouth For War” & “Fucking Hostile” from Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power album, and ended their set with the outro from “Domination”.

Next up on the main stage was a band that is on fire in the Phoenix metal scene. With the addition of Stephen Mallicoat on drums and the incredible Dru Tang on guitar and 808’s, these guys are a force to be reckoned with! The band I am referring to is Bellicose! I’ve written a couple of my first reviews here at on Bellicose, and I must say not only have I become a better writer since then, but they have become a completely different band. They get better each and every time I see them. I still have some jungle love for bassist and my boy Reggie, a.k.a. “Chocolate Thunder”. Bellicose played “Regular People (Conceit)” from Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power, and it crushed!

Latency was next to fire up the patio stage. I’ve seen them a few times and they are a fun lovin’ drinking band. I honestly didn’t get to see much of their set because I was trying to get the show back on schedule, talking to the bands, with Rude T. about pickin’ up the pace on load ins. However I did get to see them perform “Nothin’ To Lose” off of the self-titled album by Rebel Meets Rebel. I thought that was a great choice and went right along with their sound and persona of being a drinking band. In fact, by the end of the night, bassist Chris Cornell was walking around drunk as shit with a bra on his head. It was very entertaining, as was me punching him in his cock and balls.

Up next to destroy the main stage was Inner Chaos. I’ve also written one of my earlier reviews on these guys. I must also say that the have gotten a lot better as well, despite having a vertically challenged bass player and a completely ‘metro’ drummer who seems to care more about his hair do then remembering his drum parts. (Ha! I couldn’t resist! True statement though!) Anyway, back to their set: simply put, Inner Chaos killed it! They sounded amazing and were very energetic. By this time Joe’s was filling up nicely, and the crowd reaction for Inner Chaos was amazing! They also played “Domination” from Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell album.

Twelve Gates was next on the second stage. I regrettably was not able to see much of their set. I’ve never seen them before but I’ve heard good things about them. Hopefully I can catch them in the future. I do know that they played a couple of covers, one being “This Love” from Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power album.

Sectas then took the main stage by storm. These guys are a favorite here in Phoenix and have a very loyal fan base. On top of it the are very nice guys and all extremely talented musicians. In fact, Christain Vasquez is like some sort of savant on guitar – and I mean like Rain Man good! “Hot water burn the baby…..” I really enjoy watching these guys play with such musicianship and precision. Sectas are very respectful and professional as men and as a band and they always bring class to the Phoenix music scene. They played “Cowboys From Hell”, with guest vocals provided by Billy Gonzales of Motive (and again, my partner for this event). Great job gentlemen!

My boys in Discordant were next, and they completely blew the fucking roof off of the patio stage! These guys are from Payson, Arizona. I’ve seen them a few times lately and they always deliver! I really wanted them on this show, and I’m so glad they accepted my offer! I was talkin’ with some other musicians during their set, and the general consensus was that Discordant was one of the best bands of the night thus far. The played “Breathing New Life” from Damageplan’s album New Found Power, with guest vocalist Joe Labianco of She Murdered Me. They did an amazing rendition of that song and was an awesome conclusion to their set. I was fortunate enough to get a 4 song demo from Discordant, and I put it in my cd player for the drive home from the show – and then listened to it nonstop for a few more days after! Great job my brothers!

Next on the main stage was Souless. They are another band here in Phoenix that is on fire and continue get better each and every time they play. With the addition of the amazing Zack Sewell on drums and his rhythmic counterpart Madio Gonzales on bass, the brothers Fowler have now found themselves in one of the most crushing metal bands in the valley of the sun. They are day and night above what they used to be when they started out. The crowd reaction to Souless was electric. They really loved seeing these guys crush the Grotto. They also played one of my all time favorite Pantera songs, “Drag The Waters” from The Great Southern Trendkill, which also happens to be my favorite Pantera album. Souless was another band that I really wanted on this show – and for good reason. Great job guys!

It was now time to raffle off some gift certificates that were provided by Sam Ash, Trails, and Mastodon Piercing & Custom Tattoo. Big thanks to my brother El from Autumn’s End & Incite for the tattoo and piercing certificates! If anybody needs some ink or piercings hit up El at Mastodon!!! Also thanks to Ray Goodwin from Sicmonic for donating his time to give some guitar lessons to a lucky individual!

So, basically the raffle drawings consisted of me holding the jug, and Billy and Joe Grotto calling out numbers – and Joe taking jabs at me for “supposedly” talking about dicks too much. (Don’t know where he got that idea from.) Anyway, congrats to those who won prizes!

After the give away break was the final band to destroy Joe’s Grotto that night – and one of they most talented bands in all of Arizona – Sicmonic! They came out in a fury much like they always do. Their musicianship and stage presence is like no other! They are an absolutely amazing band. Check out my feature article on Sicmonic from earlier in this year! This was Zack Sewell’s second set in a row on drums. This dude is a machine when it come to drumming –unbelieveable! I was able to watch Ray, Taylor, Jason, and Ryan do about 5 songs before I was needed back in Joe’s office to start going over the figures for the night. I was not able to see Sicmonic do “Planet Caravan”, which was originally on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album, but was also done by Pantera on their Far Beyond Driven record. Instead, we were tallying head counts and dividing up funds to go to the “Little Kids Rock”, and to all of the bands that played this amazing event. Special thanks to Sicmonic for jumping on this show at the last minute and for conducting yourselves in a professional manor. I love you guys!

I personally learned a lot from this event. I’d like to once again thank everybody involved in making this show happen! Thanks to all of the fans that came out and supported DIMEFEST 2013!!! I’m looking forward to next year being even better!!!

Oh yeah – and I am the ruler of Phoenix metal!!! Bow before me for I am DEATH WEDDLE!!! \,,/

(Edited and prepped for publication by Jaffo, as always, DAMMIT, who also wishes he could have attended this historic event. From Jaffo to Weddle: “I love ya, and well done, brother! We done good with this DW stuff.”)

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