Featured Artist Of The Month – February, 2013: RUDY T. REILLY!!! by Death Weddle and Jaffo



(From Death Weddle) It is February of 2013 and it’s time for this month’s installment of our Featured Artist of the Month here at DeathWeddle.com. While this is only our second FAOTM, we have decided to shoot for the top, and feature the one and only Rudy T. Reilly!

If you consider yourself a member of the Phoenix metal scene, and you don’t know who Rude Tis, you must be either a rookie or a poser.

Rudy is a bassist that has been in quite a few Phoenix bands over the years, which we will list in detail shortly. But he is also a F.O.H. Engineer (front of house), Monitor Engineer, System Tech, Guitar/Bass Tech, Tour Manager, Up/Down Rigger, and he even plays a bit of guitar, too. Not only is he all of those things, but Rude T. is one of my favorite people, and I consider him to be one of my closest and dearest friends – even though he is an Oakland Raiders fan (FYI Oakland Raiders fans are some of the most disgusting and foul people on the planet. Yes, ALL of them). Rudy is also a huge fan of Guiness and Jager bombs, so if you see this madman out there somewhere (likely), and he’s not already hammered (unlikely), by all means buy him some drinks and get him drunk (but be careful he might vomit on you). Now let’s get to know a little more about Rudy…

Rude T. in his Raiders jersey, as requested by Rude T.

Rude T. in his Raiders jersey, as requested by Rude T.

Rude T. was born in London, United Kingdom, and then eventually moved to Phoenix after he met some of the guys from Sacred Reich on a flight across the pond. While they were getting inebriated on that long flight, he mentioned to them that he wanted to move to the states. They told him Phoenix, AZ was the place to go, so Rudy packed up, took off, and landed in Phoenix some time in the very early 90s. Since then there seems to be a brown haze that hovers over the city on a daily basis. Now, I’m not positive that this haze is related directly or not, but then again I know Rudy. So, to all of you people who are “going green”, or are otherwise big-time environmental nuts, I’m no scientist, but you can quite possibly blame Sacred Reich and Rudy T. Reilly for the brown air in this town.

Rudy has been in some great Phoenix bands in his time, starting out with 187, who eventually changed their name to All Time Low. Vocal duties for 187 were handled by Danny Marianino, who later went on to sing for the North Side Kings. Danny, as noted in an earlier piece on DW, is famous for knocking out Glenn Danzig. That incident ended up being one of VH1’s 100 most shocking moments in music history. You can actually see Rudy walking by at the end of the famous video of the incident.

Other notable bands Rudy had been in are N17, Mission 66 (featuring members of N17, Pelvic Meatloaf and Oil), Terror In The Isles (with members of Pelvic Meatloaf), Cause For Alarm (from NY, also with Danny Marianino), and his current band (with a new lineup) – Altered Silence. After 20 years of playing bass, Rudy says the top three things that define him as a player are big stage presence, huge tone, and being part of a true rhythm section. He describes his bass tone as thick, raunchy, and biting without losing the low end.

Altered Silence – photographer unknown

In the late 90s and early 2000s Rudy was F.O.H. Engineer at the legendary Mason Jar. He has a knack of getting bands to sound huge and full in his mix. These days when he is not on tour, Rudy can be found mixing bands at various clubs in the Phoenix area. He credits three people above all others with teaching him how to do live sound, and they are Nino, former F.O.H. for Sepultura and Sacred Reich, Goody of S.I.L. (Satanic Industries Ltd.), former F.O.H. for Sepultura, Biohazard, Hatebreed and Hellyeah, and finally Curly, former F.O.H. for Life Of Agony and Fu Manchu.

(R.I.P. Nino Notaro)

During the interview/bullshit session Jaffo and I conducted with Rudy at his place, among so many other aspects, he wanted it to be known that the pinnacles of his roadie career so far were teching for Sepultura in the 90s, and mixing Symphony X, Crowbar, and Kreator.

We also discussed some of Rudy’s favorite Arizona-based bassists.  His favorite new school players out there are Bobby Bryant of Wynterborne and Wrath Upon Eden, Stephen Poff (Dresden, Hypatia, Animus Complex), and Matt Bond, formally of Fracture Point, currently in soon-to-be-launched Fifth Density. The bass players that have that old-school style and performance (and remind him of himself), are El from Autumn’s End, Seany Ringo of Play For Blood, and Beau Diveley of Howitzer. Rudy’s favorites from the old days were James “Chief” Yepa (Core), and Julius Secody (Native Blood, Motive). For the record, Julius Secody is my favorite all time local bassist (sorry Rudy I still love you). Give it up for the bassists!

Don't aim that thing unless you're ready to use it!

Don’t aim that thing unless you’re ready to use it!

Rudy is kind of a celebutard here in Phoenix. …Wait did I say that right? Well, regardless – the “tard” part is what I was mainly concerned about anyway. It always surprises me the stories he tells about being on the road, who he’s worked for, and who his friends are. This brings me to a little story I want to tell, kind of a highlight for me personally – and it was all due to Rudy being Rudy.

I’ve been a huge fan of Philip Anselmo for just about 20 years now, he is my all-time favorite singer. Pantera is also my all-time favorite band, and Down is right up there, along with Superjoint Ritual. Down was on tour in 2011, and were booked to play the Marquee Theater here in Phoenix, and I had mentioned to Rudy that I wanted to go, telling him how big of a Down fan I was. Well wouldn’t you know it – Rudy was F.O.H. Engineer for Crowbar in 2005 and Kirk Windstein and Patrick Bruders of Crowbar are also in Down. Rudy told me he would hook me up for the show, and that he did. He pulled some strings and got me on the guest list with a trip backstage, where I stayed for the whole show.

I was walking around the back stage area killing time before Down went on, kind of keeping to myself and trying not to creep too much. I went out back, checked out the OUTSIDE of the bus, and spent some time on the side of the stage, checking out the direct support band. At some point I happened to look over my left shoulder, and saw Phil walking from the bus, and on into the dressing room. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me, so I did the only thing I could think of, and threw up the gayest set of metal horns you could imagine, while probably looking like the biggest retard on the planet (I know – pretty normal for me, eh?) Afterward, I thought to myself, “nice one dumb ass”, and went back to watching whatever band was on stage. A couple minutes later, Phil came back out and walked by me. I said, “what’s up Phil?” He walked up, shook my hand and gave me a hug, mumbling something, then headed back to the dressing room. Obviously,  in that moment it was hard to contain the excitement that boiled inside me. So I jacked off and squirted all over the floor at stage right.

Okay, no I didn’t.

Anyway, the opening band’s set was over at that point, the house lights were off, and Down was standing right next to me, waiting to take the stage. Phil walked up to me again, got right in my face, and said, “We are about to get fuckin’ crazy right now!”.

Stupid me, I threw up the second gayest pair of metal horns ever, and yelled back, “FUCK YEAH WE ARE!!!

Damn, I’m smooth.

At some point Madio Gonzales (Blessedbethyname, Lurid State, Souless) and Marcus Meng (host of 98 KUPD’s Into The Pit) also ended up backstage. Big Val, former head of security for Pantera, was also there. I even talked to him for a couple of minutes. He’s a really cool dude!

Down started into their set, and I immediately started to headbang. In between every song, Kirk would walk up to his amp and grab a towel to clean his guitar, and it seemed like every time he did, he would also lean over and ask us “how was that?” or “how did that sound?” Fuckin’ awesome, is how it sounds!

About half way through the set, Phil’s girlfriend/tour manager Kate walked up to me with a security guard and asked who I was there with. She was trying to figure out how I ended up backstage. I told her I was there there with Rude T., and she said, “oh, ok”, and I went back to headbanging.

After the set, I was still in the same spot, and as the guys in Down walked by me, I hugged every one of them and told them how kick-ass a set it was.  I even shook Phil Anselmo’s bloody hand after he had bashed his forehead with a mic. They all thanked me went into their dressing room. I guess that kind of stuff happens to people all the time, but it was then, and remains today, my pinnacle experience as a metal fan. I will always remember that night. Thanks again Rudy! You are awesome, and I love ya brotha!!!

\m/ DEATH WEDDLE (Hold on – it’s not over. Keep scrolling…)

Rude T. and Death Weddle

Rude T. and Death Weddle

(From Jaffo:) It’s funny to me – Rude has been a close friend of mine and a real brother for the last three years or so, and I’m constantly surprised by how little I know about his extensive history, mainly because I’ve only been participating in this scene for the last six years or so. Every time we hang out, I hear more stories from the road, and learn a bit more about his pedigree, and a bit more about our thriving scene here in the Valley – and where it came from. He has an impressive background to say the least, yet the Rude T. I know is also a Papa Bear-type, hard-working motherfucker, and a fun-loving neanderthal of a human being with a sharp wit, and big heart, and an even bigger drunken bellow. I have attended gatherings with him more times than I can remember at this point, and just about every one of them ends with a hangover, and bruises that I don’t recall getting – but I’m pretty sure they all came from him. I can’t help it. I love giving the guy shit when we drink.

And he likes to punch.

Anyway, to add a little to what Weddle covered above, here’s the short list of bands Rude has worked with, straight from his resume:

Bret Michaels               Monitor Engineer, 2012 – present

Poison                           Audio assistant 2012 – present

AIR TRAFFIC                 Bass/Guitar Tech May 2008

DIVINE HERESY           F.O.H. Engineer/T.M.  2008

SYMPHONY X               F.O.H. Engineer 2003-2007

KREATOR                      F.O.H. Engineer 2002-2006 (Tour Manager 2003)

NAPALM DEATH          F.O.H. Engineer 2006

SOULFLY ­                      F.O.H. Engineer 2005

THROWDOWN              F.O.H. Engineer 2005

BLOODSIMPLE             F.O.H. Engineer 2005

DRYKILL LOGIC          F.O.H. Engineer 2005

CROWBAR                     F.O.H. Engineer 2005

DESTRUCTION              F.O.H. Engineer 2002,2007 (T.M.)

DEVIN TOWNSEND      F.O.H. Engineer 2003

INTO ETERNITY            F.O.H. Engineer 2007

OVERKILL                      F.O.H. Engineer 2004

METAL CHURCH           F.O.H. Engineer 2004

DEATH ANGEL              F.O.H. Engineer 2004

FLOTSAM & JETSOM   F.O.H. Engineer 2004

SACRED REICH             F.O.H. Engineer 1999-2000

BILE                                 F.O.H. Engineer 2000

RORSACH TEST            F.O.H. Engineer 2005

N17                                    Bassist  1998-2000

FU MANCHU                  Bass/Guitar Tech 2001

SUPAGROUP                   F.O.H. Engineer 2001

GILBY CLARKE F.O.H. Guitar Tech/Engineer 1996-1998

SEPULTURA                  Bass/Guitar Tech 1998-1999

BIOHAZARD                  Bass/Guitar Tech 1998-1999

I’ll bet he had been behind the scenes at several of the very shows I had attended back in the day. How about you?

Also notable is the fact that Rude T. was and is FOH engineer for Danny Marianino’s North Side Kings from “2003 – til hell freezes over”. In fact NSK even made a special little video for Rude that can be seen HERE.

Oh, and as promised when we announced this feature a while back, I will now relay an important private lesson from Rude T., for all those interested in learning technique from a master.

How To Shave Your Balls (as relayed to me from the big guy himself)

1. Do NOT use an electric shaver, clippers, or a straight razor – although if it has been a while since your last grooming, you may need clippers or a weed whacker to at least trim up a bit first.

2. Rude T. recommends the trusty, slightly used Bic razor for shaving the pubic and testicular regions  of your male anatomy. No dollar-store shit or expensive new blades.

3. Only perform shaving your balls while dry – do not attempt it wet, or using shaving cream.

4. Grasp nut sack firmly with one hand, while making smooth but accurate strokes upward from the bottomfrom the tween and up the sack until smooth, but not too smooth.

5. Repeat in all areas of the region, minding the ball sack and any wrinkles present.

6. Rude contends that your balls do not have to be Porno Smooth, just not a goddamned pubic jungle. If you shave too close and end up too baby-butt smooth, you might as well be gay.

And…there it is.

From his musicianship and his ear for sound and a good mix, to his invaluable lessons on life and hygiene, to his stories about snorting lines of salt while frolicking on tour, to his unprecedented ability to make Jagermeister disappear,  Rude T. is an undeniable presence in this Arizona scene, international scene, and in person. He is an important figure in my life, and I proud to call him brother. Here’s to you, Rude! Cheers, man.


Jaffo and Rude T.

Jaffo and Rude T.

(Edited, corrected, re-organized, and color added by Jaffo, as always. All photos, unless otherwise noted, shot by Jaffo and Seven Bear Photography, dammit.)

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26 Responses to Featured Artist Of The Month – February, 2013: RUDY T. REILLY!!! by Death Weddle and Jaffo

  1. Chrys Armijo says:

    Nice article for a very deserving person. Rude-T is this shit! Great pics Jeff!

  2. Keefboxxx says:

    Great read!!! Good job guys!!!

  3. The man says:

    Wow nuts! Had no idea he worked with Soulfly and SIL. Kudos!! \m/ horns up!!

  4. Chris Cornell says:

    Kick ass write up on a kick ass dude

  5. jr reilly says:

    Papa T says more than I wanted to know. Thanks for highlighting Rudy.

  6. stephen poff says:

    Great read!! I met Rude T. When he was at my house drunk, and one of my pit bulls took a nice piss on his boot! He fell in love with her at that moment! Rudy is family to me and my girlfriend jess. I can’t think of a dude more deserving of this honor than him.

  7. Rob says:

    Damn. Been shaving em the wrong way all these years. NOW I KNOW.

  8. Rude T is a one of a kind. He mixed my sons band in 03 at the Mason Jar when he opened for Metal Church and Ohm with Chris Poland. He and the late great Steve Klatz brought the sound and the attitude. I loved shows when they both did sound. Right on Rude T and Rest in peace Klatzy. Good seeing you at Joes Grotto last week when you mixed my son in While She waits. Good as always. I liked your playing in Terror in the Aisles and you played my venue in like 04. Glad you call Phx home and you bring the mix. Big Tom

  9. Jsecody says:

    \m/ \m/!!! Right on Thanx!!!

  10. Gabe says:

    Great read and certainly well deserved. Hats off to the indubitable Mr. Reilly.

  11. Rude T is one of my favorite gay bears. And he needs to hurry up and get himself another motorcycle.

  12. Bobby Bryant says:

    Great article, but isn’t Rudy past the cut off age for Featured Artist or something? Rude has all those Engineering credits, not because he is good, but because he ran the first PA system known to man. He is easily the oldest dude ever.

  13. Rudy T Reilly says:

    seeing how gold bond is slow to endorse me, i may switch to this product….

  14. el vez hog jawr says:

    rudy is gay

  15. Motive Steve says:

    easily one of the best in the business! \m/

  16. Anthony Holscher says:

    It’s great to hear a little more about someone so important to the metal scene here in Phoenix, and worldwide. Way to go guys! Keep up the awesome work you do for us metal lovers Rudy T!

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